About Us

ITAS - International Talent Acquisition-as-a-Service and Fundraising support for Startups Worldwide.

We help Startup organisations grow their business by:

  1. Building strong and successful teams by hiring top level experts and professionals on the market

  2. Finding Strategic Investors

Our unique Talent Acquisition Process Outsourcing (TAPO) model is changing the way companies apply their talent acquisition function and approach their most wanted talent wherever they need them.

Our expert team of freelance TA specialists is strategically based across the globe to deliver the best results no matter what the location of our valuable clients is. That leads our clients to having a one trusted talent acquisition partner ensuring a consistent approach when commencing a new journey.


Our extensive network (2000+) of pre-qualified VCs partners and Angel Investors are always keen to support innovative ideas and emerging Startups.


We always strive to work with growing startup organisations and expanding brands around the world, to push the boundaries of traditional/old school talent acquisition, executive search and specialist recruitment approach.

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Our Services

We dedicate our experience, knowledge and time to deliver best possible quality of our services to you according to your needs, expectations and deadlines!



& Executive Search

Performing Specific and Precise Search to fill exact needs within precise timeframes.


Employer Branding

Employer Branding brings culture, aspiration and motivation all together to establish an identity your company can leverage for talent attraction and retention.

Providing a comprehensive Talent Management Solutions. 

Incorporating total strategic talent acquisition, recruitment and employer branding processes outsourcing option.


Full Talent Acquisition Process Outsourcing



We can support you on all the steps of the fundraising process (Seed to A Series stages), from finding right investors to the funding negotiations and closing the deal.